eventScribe® Floor Plan

Expo floor plan software made easy.

The eventScribe Expo Floor Plan

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This is your trade show —

make the interactive expo floor plan yours too!

Brand your expo floor plan to fit your association or corporation's image. Make the expo floor plan look like it fits your event website branding.

We don't skimp on branding. We know your association's image is important and we want your association to shine. We want people to know this is your event, this is your floor plan.

Sleek Contemporary Design

Both beautiful and functional...

Customize your expo floor plan with a logo prominantly displayed on the floor plan where attendees can see it.

Custom Branding

Place a banner across the top, or highlight your company's logo above the navigation tool. We'll work with you and your needs to communicate your brand. We certainly won't throw your image in the bottom corner, invisible to attendees—that's for sure.

Satisfy sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at your conference with all the features the eventScribe expo floor plan software offers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfied sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Place logos on booths and highlight sponsors with alternative colors so they stand out from the crowd. Your expo floor plan shouldn't look like it's from the digital stone age or require software that doesn't work on every operating system—especially mobile platforms.

Attendees can search vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors that will be at your trade show with the eventScribe expo floor plan software from cadmiumCD.

Completely Interactive

Attendees can search for vendors, browse a list of exhibitors, or click a booth directly to easily navigate exhibitor profiles and documents. It's never been easy to navigate your expo floor plan to find exactly what they're looking for.

Fully Integrated Floor Plan

In the app, on the web, anywhere you go:

Host multiple conference proceedings with the Multi Event App from CadmiumCD Host multiple event proceedings with the Conference Passport from CadmiumCD

An Experience that Lasts

Much more than just an expo floor plan!

Highlight social areas, speaker sections, sponsor booths, and poster galleries on your expo floor plan.

Custom Areas

Highlight social areas, speaker sections, sponsor booths, poster galleries, and much more with rich colors and high quality HTML5-driven technology. Color code your conference with the expo floor plan.

Indicate your poster gallery right on your expo floor plan, then give attendees a digital poster gallery to take home with the eventScribe ePoster Gallery.

Posters like Never Before

Indicate your poster gallery right on the expo floor plan. Take it a step further by offering an ePoster gallery attendees can take home.

Exhibitors can make booth payments and purchase sponsor options while uploading their data to the conference harvester and choosing their exhibitor booth space right on the expo floor plan.

No-Hassle Management

Let exhibitors make booth payments and purchase sponsor options in Exhibitor Harvester. Everything you collect from exhibitors is automatically updated on the expo floor plan.

Easily make changes on your expo floor plan that are instantly updated on your interactive expo floor plan software.

Make changes at the touch of a button

Making changes has never been easier. Click and drag booths to change locations, pull and drag to change booth sizes, and choose from a variety of colors to highlight booths instantly. Read our white paper to find out more:

Floor Plan Print Outs

Expo Floor Plans for the 21st century professional

Attendees can download a PDF floor plan print out of your expo floor plan. Use it in your brochure or let attendees print it out and use it in place of your expo floor plan software.

Attendees can download a PDF of your expo floor plan or print it out on a single sheet of paper. They can store it on their laptop or mobile device, or slip it in their pocket for their convenience. Especially during those times when wifi isn't available. It's so intuitive, so beautiful, so much information on such a minimal design, that it can even be used as a one page splash map in your printed trade show brochure.